Go out. Do more. Be boundless.

We believe premium experiences can be made affordable by driving change in consumer behaviour. The GoPro you need for vacation is sitting idle on someone's desk. MyRent is a digital marketplace that connects such individuals and facilitate safe rentals.

Get on-demand access to everything and live the life you've always wanted.

Boundless and clutter-free.

Why MyRent?

  • Higher bang for buck 💪
  • Save Money 🤑
  • Help save environment 🌏

Available on Mobile. Stay tuned for web!

We've built a state of the art mobile app and invite you to embark on the rental journey with us. We promise to make it worth your while! We're on both - iOS and Android and we're working on our web launch - stay tuned!

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Who we are


Ishwar Dhanuka, Co-founder

With diverse experiences in Product, Mobile, and Data, Ishwar is multi-lingual in the tech space.


Mark Kok, Co-founder

Mark is an expert in Android development and is catching up quick in the world of iPhones.


Rahul Sharma, Co-founder

Rahul is OCD about codes that get pushed to our repositories. He's responsible for creating scalable backend systems.


Alice Gabriel, Data

Alice creates dashboards and keeps track of our numbers. She also plays with neural nets to predict the future!


Youlanda Kuo, Design

An expert in (almost) everything design-related but product design is what ticks Youlanda's boxes.


Yi-Hung, Mobile

Yi-Hung brings in a wealth of experience in iOS development. He can speak Android too, but still stutters quite a bit!